Bursting pipes usually happen during wintertime. It can create a lot of damage, expenses, and messes. Why do pipes burst during the winter though? The water that comes inside the house from outside has a lower temperature which means it is much colder than it is during the summer. Contractions happen in weaker parts of the pipes because of the cold water, causing pipes to burst. The contractions are not something that can be controlled due to no practical ways to heat the underground temperature of your home. You might want to do a regular check-up to see if you have any leaks in your plumbing, especially during season changes to prevent plumbing issues to happen. While we are not able to stop the leak caused by low temperature, we are still able to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Pipe leakages are difficult to detect. It can go for a long period of time until it’s noticed. Leakage of the pipes can cause a dramatic increase in your water usage and bills to become more expensive. Don’t worry, though. Here are some things you can do to keep an eye out for a leak:

  • Visible water damage on your wall, creating bubbles on your painted walls
  • Discolouration, dampness, strange patch
  • Distinct sharp and foul smell
  • Irregular water pressure
  • More expensive water bills
  • Hissing noise possibly behind the wall

What to do to prevent freezing and bursting pipes?

  • To prevent freezing water and pipes, try to always have one or two faucets running slowly, especially when it is incredibly cold outside
  • Warm air can help prevent the pipes from freezing especially ones that are located near an outside wall or a window to keep the temperature normal and not become extremely low and cold
  • Turn off the internal stop or tap valve
  • Allow warm air into cabinets where your sinks are usually in to keep temperature normal and avoid being too cold
  • Installing heat tape that can warm the pipes when needed during winter time and the temperature is very cold
  • Disconnecting hose from the outside faucet so the water is able to drain out of the hose and will not freeze and break the device
  • Locate where the pipes are and check if there is any leak. Air leak, that allows cold air into the home, around electrical wiring, pipes, or dryer vents can be sealed to prevent the cold air from entering. No matter how big or small an air leak is, it is highly possible to let enough cold air in and causing pipes to freeze and burst
  • Do not let the home temperature go down so low or extremely cold, keep the home as warm as possible
  • Do not use an electric or gas heater in the roof space to keep the temperature warm in the house
  • Let warm air flowing in by leaving the trap door to roof space during extreme weather conditions so there will not be any freezing water tanks or pipes
  • Have contact details of a professional plumber just in case you are facing bursting pipes problem

If you are dealing with bursting pipes from freezing pipes and need an emergency repair, Local Plumber Eastern Sydney is the best answer to fix your problem in the Sydney area. We immediately troubleshoot and diagnose the issue you are having before creating solution plans. Do not hesitate to contact us with all the questions you might have so you can make the right decision about your home and our other services. Our professional and experienced plumbers are licensed with well-updated equipment.

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