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Having A Burst Pipe, Don’t Panic

Burst pipe is something that none of us wants to happen in our home. You might not be able to repair it yourself but we can do some easy temporary fixes so we can minimalize the bad impact from the burst. Just remember these tricks just for temporary so you still need to call a Local plumber Eastern Sydney to fix the pipe or just fix it yourself if you have the skill to do so.

The first thing that we need to do is turn your water supply as soon as you found the burst. You need to know where the main water valve to do so and the location may be different in each house. So, make sure that you know where it is just for the rainy days. You also might need to turn off your electricity if the leak located somewhere near the fuse box or electrical socket in your house. It can be so dangerous for anyone in the home since not only it will break your electrical system but also you can get an electric shocked by it.

Next, you need to drain any leftover water on your pipes. You can simply just open any faucet or using flush many times until there is no water left. This step is important to release the pressure on the pipe so there won’t be anymore burst on the other side of the pipe. You exactly do not want to repair the whole pipes or making the condition worse right?

Next, you need to clean up the messed caused by the water from the burst. Just remember you need to do it quickly before the water soaking into your things in the house and some of them might be easily torn by the water. It also decreases the chance that mildew might build up inside your home because of it too humid inside.

The step above can be followed by opening any doors in your home so warm weather can come in to help any remaining water to evaporate. You can also turn on the heater just in case the burst happened in a part of your home that air will hardly reach such as your basement. You can also use your hairdryer to help this process if the burst reaches some corner to help the moisture to evaporate.

The last thing you can do is that you can take documentation of the burst pipe and any damage caused by it. This will help not only the plumber to get the information about the problem faster and more accurate but also help you to claim the insurance. Just don’t forget to get the evidence as much as possible and having a clear picture one. You also need to save some of them just in case the same problem occurs in the future, so you know which part is being repaired before.

If you already do some temporary fixed now you can contact the plumber to help you repair the burst pipe. One of the best companies that provide service for repairing burst pipe for you who live in Eastern Sydney is  Local Eastern Sydney Plumbers. Not only they will help you to fix the problem, but they also available anytime and any day in the week.

Your plumbing will become easier, more comfortable and with greater guarantees with our assistance. Forget about looking for a plumber for days just to be disappointed; our services are offered to you with the best professionals in your field providing quality, accessibility and efficiency. Call us today on 02 9167 8244.

Factors Behind Unusual Odor From Your Bathroom

  • There are some cracked pipes

A little crack in the drainage can generate dirty water and sewer gases into that bathroom of yours. If the pipe exposed, you can temporarily fix it using epoxy clay. Work a little quantity of adhesive in the hands before you apply it into the crack, push the epoxy close to the crack to make certain that it protects the break totally. Allow it harder for a while before using the pipe. There is also a tool like a clamp but you need plastic or rubber patch and electrical tape. You should also ensure that you dry the area as thoroughly as possible. Wrap the crack with plastic or rubber patch then secure it with electrical tape and finally use the clamp to make it more secure.

If you don’t have any tools mentioned above, duct tape quickly becomes a solution. Dry the cracked area and wrap it several times until you create a tight seal. This is unfortunately not a permanent solution, this is not a problem that you can fix by yourself. fixing cracked pipes need help from a professional plumber. Not all leaks are visible but you can find out if your pipe leaking with a few drops of food colouring. Put it in the water on the toilet bowl, flush it and see if colour appears on your toilet floor.

  • There is a blockage in your drainage system

Whenever you’re washing your hair and start noticing the water in the tub is clearing up slower that means the drain is probably clogged. Most of the time it happens due to a build-up of fat in the pipes. When we rinse fat from bathroom product down the drain, it’s normally liquid but ends up hardening and blocking pipes. This chemical that sits years and years in your pipe cause a bad smell.

Most people use another chemical to dissolve this problem. This harsh chemical may clear the clog but this also can damage the pipe. There is another way to clearing up clogged pipe using a tool called a snake. It’s called snake because it has a wire that goes inside pipe physically breaking the problem. The wire able bend so it can reach to any shape, with twisting motion it can easily hook any material like hair, hardening soap, dead animal, etc.

  • There are dry pipes

Your toilet bowl probably has water in it and that is the result of the water preventing foul gases from sewage system to enter your bathroom. Your toilet has something called P-Tray. When the water in the P-Tray dries out, the sewer gases enter into your bathroom. which is this is the reason your bathrooms produces bad smells. You just need to pour some down the pipes or just run the faucet a while. This attempt should eliminate the problem.

If all of the above does not occur yet to your home bathroom, you probably need to try some preventive act. Here’s a quick solution; mix a tablespoon amount of baking soda with water and just spray it into the toilet bowl, inside faucet and drainage. Baking soda helps to prevent clogging. It can also reduce the smell of dirty water.

If the unusual and smelly odour does not seem to go away, you are strongly advised to call in for a professional to fix your bathroom once and for all. Try to get in touch with a reliable team of experts like at Local Plumber Eastern Sydney to  provide you with the best solution when it comes to all your plumbing needs, including locating the source of the problem that causes bad odour coming from your bathroom.


Bursting pipes usually happen during wintertime. It can create a lot of damage, expenses, and messes. Why do pipes burst during the winter though? The water that comes inside the house from outside has a lower temperature which means it is much colder than it is during the summer. Contractions happen in weaker parts of the pipes because of the cold water, causing pipes to burst. The contractions are not something that can be controlled due to no practical ways to heat the underground temperature of your home. You might want to do a regular check-up to see if you have any leaks in your plumbing, especially during season changes to prevent plumbing issues to happen. While we are not able to stop the leak caused by low temperature, we are still able to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Pipe leakages are difficult to detect. It can go for a long period of time until it’s noticed. Leakage of the pipes can cause a dramatic increase in your water usage and bills to become more expensive. Don’t worry, though. Here are some things you can do to keep an eye out for a leak:

  • Visible water damage on your wall, creating bubbles on your painted walls
  • Discolouration, dampness, strange patch
  • Distinct sharp and foul smell
  • Irregular water pressure
  • More expensive water bills
  • Hissing noise possibly behind the wall

What to do to prevent freezing and bursting pipes?

  • To prevent freezing water and pipes, try to always have one or two faucets running slowly, especially when it is incredibly cold outside
  • Warm air can help prevent the pipes from freezing especially ones that are located near an outside wall or a window to keep the temperature normal and not become extremely low and cold
  • Turn off the internal stop or tap valve
  • Allow warm air into cabinets where your sinks are usually in to keep temperature normal and avoid being too cold
  • Installing heat tape that can warm the pipes when needed during winter time and the temperature is very cold
  • Disconnecting hose from the outside faucet so the water is able to drain out of the hose and will not freeze and break the device
  • Locate where the pipes are and check if there is any leak. Air leak, that allows cold air into the home, around electrical wiring, pipes, or dryer vents can be sealed to prevent the cold air from entering. No matter how big or small an air leak is, it is highly possible to let enough cold air in and causing pipes to freeze and burst
  • Do not let the home temperature go down so low or extremely cold, keep the home as warm as possible
  • Do not use an electric or gas heater in the roof space to keep the temperature warm in the house
  • Let warm air flowing in by leaving the trap door to roof space during extreme weather conditions so there will not be any freezing water tanks or pipes
  • Have contact details of a professional plumber just in case you are facing bursting pipes problem

If you are dealing with bursting pipes from freezing pipes and need an emergency repair, Local Plumber Eastern Sydney is the best answer to fix your problem in the Sydney area. We immediately troubleshoot and diagnose the issue you are having before creating solution plans. Do not hesitate to contact us with all the questions you might have so you can make the right decision about your home and our other services. Our professional and experienced plumbers are licensed with well-updated equipment.

Garbage Disposals: What You Should Not Drop Down

The most crucial thing to keep in mind about your garbage disposal is that it really isn’t a garbage can. Although your disposal is extremely ideal for getting rid of food waste, it can’t get rid of everything. No matter what practical or effective your garbage disposal, there are specific things you must not throw into it. In case you want your garbage disposal to endure, you should discover what to not ever make use of it for. The following is a list of frequent household items people like to put down their disposals.  It has failed to work out, and will certainly happen the same way. If perhaps you do not want to crack your garbage disposal, you must not make use of it to get rid of:

  • Actual garbage.

Garbage disposals are not trash cans. The most significant reason behind garbage disposal blockages described by most plumbers is that people placing paper towels, bags, flake off, as well as other trash in their garbage disposal. That garbage will likely not move across the removal and it will probably create a blockage. Toss it out, do not flush it down.

  • Cleaning chemicals.

Chemical drain cleanings nearly constantly trigger more problems than they resolve. Drain cleaning chemicals cannot determine the distinction between a blockage and your pipes. The considerably you make use of them, the more they’ll devour in at your pipes. Apply them enough and they’ll wear out your pipes until they leak out or break.

  • Pasta.

Pasta stretches when it gets soaked. Something that expands when it gets damp should not go down your trash disposal. Once pasta stretches in your disposal, it would likely become too unmanageable for your disposal cutters to function correctly. Rather than milling the pasta up into small pieces, the blades are certain to get stuck on it. At the same time, the pasta will not ensure it is the disposal and into the drain. Not only can pasta obstruct your disposal blades, but it’ll also generate a blockage. Do not risk it; throw your pasta stays out instead.

  • Coffee grounds.

The things on this list will all have some similar things. Amongst the biggest: almost all of them tend to get gluey when they’re soaked. Once you drop coffee grounds down your disposal, they will clump together–just like they do when you pour water on them. Once the coffee grounds bundle together, they stay glued to one another and everything around them… particularly your disposal. Coffee grounds have a tendency to stay glued to disposal cutters, the edges of pipes, and everywhere else. In case you drop them into your drain they’ll create a large, gross blockage instantly. The increased coffee grounds you dump in your disposal, the more serious the blockage are certain to get. Dispose of your coffee grounds in a trash can; never a drain or even disposal

  • Paint.

Particularly, you shouldn’t drain latex or grease paints. Latex and oil paints are not smoothly rinsed off by water. Rather, they stay within your pipes, treat, harden, as well as become dangerous.

The objects that you can actually dispose of include dish soap, non-toxic liquids, ice cubes and the small waste from your dining plates. The majority of fruit and vegetable scraps, apart from discussed above,  are alright, as well

Drooping down forbidden items down your garbage disposal can cause a faulty plumbing issue.  In the event you are dealing with a plumbing issue, make sure to call a pro like Local Eastern Sydney Plumbers that will be there to help in a flash.

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Comparison Pointers for Cast Iron vs PVC Pipe Systems

Cast iron pipes have been manufactured and used in the early 1800s. The first usage was for water distribution but also expanded to waste water disposal. Cast iron water piping was not the only product used over the years, but it did provide a highly reliable and durable pipe that lasted much longer at that period of time. It wasn’t until late 1960 that plastic PVC was introduced. It quickly became the choice because of its benefit. But what about nowadays. Should we use cast iron pipe system for the best benefit? These are things that you can bear in mind as considerations:

  • Cost

PVC made of strong plastic which is much cheaper than the choice of cast iron. However, PVC requires more hangers, screws, fasteners, primer, glue and insulation to muffle the noisy pipes. All these additional prices are frequently ignored when worth manufacturing a task and certainly will charge equally as much or even more than the system of cast iron.

  • Sustainability

Cast iron commonly persists considerably much longer compared to PVC piping. Cast iron piping can possibly endure many several decades if perhaps not for a century. Repairing cast iron sewer pipe is less frequent which means that the money might otherwise be invested in keeping them running can be used for other things. One disadvantage of cast iron is that they can be prone to rush. Meanwhile, the life expectancy of PVC is more challenging to forecast. PVC possess reduced temperature restriction and greater development price make it prone towards breaking.

  • Safety concern

The prospect of a fire in a home with PVC pipe can only result in a full replacement. That’s because plastic can offer little protection when being in the presence of such heat. In contrast, there won’t be any need to repair cast iron pipes because they’re fire-resistant.

Another issue when it comes to fire is that when that plastic burns, it ends up emitting fumes that can be dangerous to breathe for anyone who unfortunately happens to be in a home.

  • Noise aspect

Cast iron is many times known as the calm pipe due to the fact that its excellent sound inhibition as opposed to PVC piping. This is why cast iron perfect for condominiums, hotels, medical services and academic organizations. Whilst in PVC pipe it is possible to frequently notice other people using the shower and flushing toilets.

  • Aesthetics

In reality, this category isn’t the most important for most people. Still, it’s important for anyone considering the installation of PVC pipes because they have different colour varieties being with different issues. For example, white pipes will inevitably collect dirt much more quickly, while other options can either streak a wall or simply deliver an annoying drip.

  • Environmental Concerns

For those who keep a close watch on their environmental footprint, cast iron pipes would be the choice. The reason is that PVC pipes are made with the oil-based product and any PVC sewer pipe repair usually discards the material into the trash. Meanwhile, cast iron pipes can be created from aftermarket scrap iron.

In conclusion, both products have their advantages and disadvantages though cast iron is more environmentally friendly than plastic and plastic pipe is a great choice to cut cost and easier to maintain. You can also try to consider using cast iron for clean water only, as clean water tends to build residue slower and using cast iron for wastewater to prevent that embarrassing flushing sound. When you have a problem with your plumbing system, make sure you call in for a plumbing specialist like Local Eastern Sydney Plumbers to do the job.

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