Comparison Pointers for Cast Iron vs PVC Pipe Systems

Cast iron pipes have been manufactured and used in the early 1800s. The first usage was for water distribution but also expanded to waste water disposal. Cast iron water piping was not the only product used over the years, but it did provide a highly reliable and durable pipe that lasted much longer at that period of time. It wasn’t until late 1960 that plastic PVC was introduced. It quickly became the choice because of its benefit. But what about nowadays. Should we use cast iron pipe system for the best benefit? These are things that you can bear in mind as considerations:

  • Cost

PVC made of strong plastic which is much cheaper than the choice of cast iron. However, PVC requires more hangers, screws, fasteners, primer, glue and insulation to muffle the noisy pipes. All these additional prices are frequently ignored when worth manufacturing a task and certainly will charge equally as much or even more than the system of cast iron.

  • Sustainability

Cast iron commonly persists considerably much longer compared to PVC piping. Cast iron piping can possibly endure many several decades if perhaps not for a century. Repairing cast iron sewer pipe is less frequent which means that the money might otherwise be invested in keeping them running can be used for other things. One disadvantage of cast iron is that they can be prone to rush. Meanwhile, the life expectancy of PVC is more challenging to forecast. PVC possess reduced temperature restriction and greater development price make it prone towards breaking.

  • Safety concern

The prospect of a fire in a home with PVC pipe can only result in a full replacement. That’s because plastic can offer little protection when being in the presence of such heat. In contrast, there won’t be any need to repair cast iron pipes because they’re fire-resistant.

Another issue when it comes to fire is that when that plastic burns, it ends up emitting fumes that can be dangerous to breathe for anyone who unfortunately happens to be in a home.

  • Noise aspect

Cast iron is many times known as the calm pipe due to the fact that its excellent sound inhibition as opposed to PVC piping. This is why cast iron perfect for condominiums, hotels, medical services and academic organizations. Whilst in PVC pipe it is possible to frequently notice other people using the shower and flushing toilets.

  • Aesthetics

In reality, this category isn’t the most important for most people. Still, it’s important for anyone considering the installation of PVC pipes because they have different colour varieties being with different issues. For example, white pipes will inevitably collect dirt much more quickly, while other options can either streak a wall or simply deliver an annoying drip.

  • Environmental Concerns

For those who keep a close watch on their environmental footprint, cast iron pipes would be the choice. The reason is that PVC pipes are made with the oil-based product and any PVC sewer pipe repair usually discards the material into the trash. Meanwhile, cast iron pipes can be created from aftermarket scrap iron.

In conclusion, both products have their advantages and disadvantages though cast iron is more environmentally friendly than plastic and plastic pipe is a great choice to cut cost and easier to maintain. You can also try to consider using cast iron for clean water only, as clean water tends to build residue slower and using cast iron for wastewater to prevent that embarrassing flushing sound. When you have a problem with your plumbing system, make sure you call in for a plumbing specialist like Local Eastern Sydney Plumbers to do the job.

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